Thursday, July 18, 2013

SteamfateSteamfate by Kat Daughtry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kat Daughtry's SteamFate is the "Game Of Thrones" of Steampunk!! Every twist and every turn sucks you in further and further. This is a definitely a must read. This lady has the ability, not only to create a world, but make you never want to leave. Her steampunk inventions and ultimately her Revolution blow you away. Oh yeah, It's one hell of an Erotica, as well!!

Cheers and Happy Reading!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

The "Game of Thrones" of STEAMPUNK. Plus 5 Questions!

I was very privileged to get an "Advanced Reader Copy" of this one to beta... Could not put it down! It has the same wicked kind of appeal as George R.R. Martin .... It's the "Game of Thrones" of Steampunk!!!



Thom: First and most obvious question: Why Steampunk?

Kat: The question is: How can you not Steampunk? I love the erotica realm to no end. I love writing the beauty of lovers- not strange and wild, but better- the tales of lovers that fight the instincts and give into the fate that magnetizes them together. When it comes to beauty, the settings and styles are endless when writing of passion and falling in love, but to me, the concept of Steampunk is the most beautiful. It is etched in passion, be it within the restricting corsets or the passion of technologies created in Steampunk literature. Embracing Steampunk for this book allowed so much room for colorful characters, tools, weapons, settings; and this is not a simple tale of lovers. This is a tale of love and passion intertwined with the despair of poverty, the twisted secrets of politics, and the mission of revolution- the mission to create it as well as the mission to contain it. I do not think I could have written as well in such depth without the punk elements.

Thom: You typically write erotic tales of sub/dom love, focusing on the female roles as submissive. How hard was it to switch gears and write, Zona, a dominate leader in the revolution?

Kat: I love this question. Zona is pretty bad. She is smart, sexy, and a natural survivor. One thing I knew for sure, was she would not be another female in a life altering situation with a sub-plot of being in love with two men at once. Zona shuts herself off from love. She has spent her life around the normal dominate male. What draws her near Adam is his innocence and submissive personality. Something about the tenderness allowed her to relax and submit for the first time in her life. Sadly, that comfort and alternating roles could lead to the demise of either one. I think the characters all show a balance of sub/dom depending on what they are faced with.. That is something I think most people neglect to see in everyday life, and to me, like Steampunk, sub/dom is beautiful. It was not hard at all to write. Zona lives in my soul, just like Adam lives in my heart.

Thom: Without asking about the ending specifically, will there be a follow up novel?

Kat: Yes. A rewind of sorts and totally different. I am not sure you will ever see all of these characters again but I will be writing the life of Shu, the Steampunk tattoo artist, and showing how she became a part of the revolution. Shu is easily my favorite character next to Adam and Zona. I have to write her. I miss her.

Thom: You have talked/tweeted before about the male audience you pull into your stories. Steamfate is even more so on the scope for a men-friendly book. Is your goal to write erotic tales men will openly read?

Kat: Erotica is a genre. I never write to fulfill a genre. I tell a story. Every character I create has a calling. Every tale has a plot deeper than flesh. I have a lot of male friends. Equal, if not more than females. I want everyone to pick up something an see the story. The physical acts I write are a shadowing expression of the emotions sparked. That plays true for making love or war.

Thom: You are known for casually saying things people never would expect someone to say. It is refreshing and you know how to say things, no matter how off color, in a lady-like way. So, tell us something shocking....

Kat: How about this...I have no idea what rating you have this blog set on so, I will give you two replies and you pick one. Just one. No cheating.

Choice B: The strongest aphrodisiac I've ever known is the smell of books... Every book has a different scent, just like a man or woman.I am drawn to books by the scent just as much as I am a cover or a blurb. The sad part is being an author that avoids libraries or bookstores for the sake of the innocent...and myself, too. ;)

Thank you so much for having me on your blog, Thom... It has been as much of a pleasure as I assumed it would be. You are quite a sir. Indeed.

To Kat I say: Please consider coming back with Shu!

To Everyone reading... I don't think you are quite ready for Choice A... Be sure to check out all of Miss Kat's links below. Lets show her some love!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Memnoch the Devil (The Vampire Chronicles, #5)Memnoch the Devil by Anne Rice
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Let me begin by saying that Anne Rice was a personal favorite when I was younger, just starting to read full novels and trying to find my niche/favorite genre. I was pleasantly surprised to find I still highly enjoy her work.

Lestat is still a character most people can relate to and the book, it self, is very readable from a stand alone point. The plot was strong and the story kept moving, keeping me interested. I have rated this particular book as 4 stars or "I really liked it" for a couple of reasons. First most, it was not disappointing and left me wanting to read the next in the series. The only "Flaw" I could find is something that other readers might not have any problem with!

The time that Lestat spends with Memnoch, The Devil, includes a complete depiction of creation, Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. The writing seems to be imposing a religious opinion, sorta of similar to the writing style that Terry Goodkind took heat for in his "Sword of Truth" series. It was implied that Goodkind was pushing religion and politics down the throats of his readers, after they were already dedicated to his series.

I don't share that opinion about Goodkind OR Rice, but the story does have some of that same feel to it. Personally, it does not detract from the story for me, it only adds to the depth. Best advice if you are the type of reader that has a problem with that, then this book might not be for you! I stand behind the four stars, I highly enjoyed this book.

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Book Review for the "Seven Deadly Sins"

Seven Deadly SinsSeven Deadly Sins by Michelle Anderson Picarella
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Review of "Seven Deadly Sins"

This one was an intrigue for me, from the start. I must say I was in love with the idea of "Adult Fables" and the Seven Deadly Sins delivered! This was definitely one of those books that is hard to put down. All of the stories were well written, Character love was almost immediate with all 7. Where it pertains to the Sins, self evaluation will be imminent. Each author has succeeded in making you think and left you considering the fine line we each walk, daily.

Bravo to the "Seven"...

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Friday, March 2, 2012

Announcement for New Serial

After much thought and "Brainstorming" with an important group of friends....
I have decided to create a Serial/Short/Flash Friday spot on my blog! I have been toying and writing, a little, on a new story. I plan to slowly debut it right here on my blog. So, a couple of quick things to cover, beginning with the most scary fact for me... All excerpts posted will be rough and unedited! I ask that you judge my creativity and NOT my punctuation. Seriously though, I will be editing as I go and hope that it will not be too grammatically challenged.

Alright, time for the "Meat and Potatoes"....
The Story Line: Draisy's Misfortune
The main character's name is Draisy and the genre is, you guessed it... Steampunk.
 My story is still coalescing, at the moment, but we find Draisy in the middle of the ocean, hooked to a line. The other end of that line is attached to an Airship, One hundred and fifty feet above her...

Well now, I can't give you too much, can I? Hopefully it will be a story everyone can enjoy. I plan to debut the first installment THIS FRIDAY! So be sure to check back. 
Oh, I am adding a new page to the blog just for Miss Draisy. This way I can keep her separate and make checking for new stories that much easier.

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Excerpt from current Chapter

The salty sea air was humid on the SeaDawn as it was docked in the harbor. Cascada’s custom officers were clustered in groups of three across the docks. As the ship was roped in tight, the lead Tax collector was up their gangplank, almost before it was fully in place. The squat elderly man spoke immediately.
Where is the Captain of this vessel?”
I be here, sirs,” Gerald bellowed, as he made his way up from below deck. “Hold onto yer breeches.”
With a distasteful look, the collector addressed the Captain directly. “That will be two silvers for docking sir.”
TWO SILVERS! The last time we sailed here T’weren’t but one and a piece!” blustered Gerald.
Indeed, Captain, things have changed. What is your cargo?” asked the short man.
Furs, silks, dried beef from Frier’s town. Oh and a few casks of the red from Vargo.”
Higher tax on that, what with the trade embargo with Vargo.” he replied.
Shaking his head in agitation, Gerald quickly spoke. “I expected some such. Same up and down this cursed coastline. Come below and I’ll gitcha the manifest.”
Once the three officers had followed Captain Gerald below, Rupert Verigo, slid from the top deck, down the gangplank and into the crowd of laborers and warehouse officials. He vanished quickly, melding in the mottled grays and browns so commonly worn by those that worked the docks. His travel worn brown cloak and average height made his task much easier. As long as their weren’t any readers around he would be home free. Readers were a problem everywhere he tried to go on the Shellian coast. Their ability to pick up and read his power’s aura was highly inconvenient. For him to succeed with his orders, they had to be avoided at all cost. The Vargo high councilors had made it very plain to Rupert. Failure was not an option. He only had to make it to the palace grounds. “Hold on, Alyss, I will be there before you know.” he whispered.

The end result of all that I do should and will be a better me!

Life comes at you fast and too many times I find myself questioning my previous actions.
I wonder how often people experience this feeling? Don’t misunderstand me, I am sure that everyone has those moments of doubt. The real question on my mind is how often. By comparison, I consider if mine own is too often….
I’ve heard it implied that the moment we stop caring is the moment we give up. That is ultimately the check and balance I am trying to implement into my life. Regrets are not fun. For me I would have to say my weaknesses lie with patience and temper. Don’t judge yet! Seriously, not implying violent tendencies. I am not that bad, I think. I concentrate on self evaluation a little to much to get out of hand. Just sorta short fused.
At any rate, I am sure you are ready to see where I am headed. Need I remind you the reason I created this blog is primarily for self therapy… I am greedy like that. Comments will always be considered, but not necessarily looked at as gospel. This time around I DO NOT have a destination in mind. Just working through my thoughts and concerns.
The end result of all that I do should and will be a better me!
If you think you can help me get there then what are you waiting for?!